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How are educational apps helpful for children

Living in this technological world, where kids are always surrounded by internet and gadgets, it becomes difficult for parents to control their use. Along with other applications, educational apps have also been a part of the system for a long time now. The question that arises in almost every parent’s mind today is that does these apps work for their betterment? Do their kids learn better from it? How should they judge the best app?

A parent has to be responsible enough to keep a regular check on what the kid is using on the gadget. If he says that he has to solve some worksheets, then you should sit with him to guide him and check if that app is okay to use or not.

A recent study has found a way that helps parents to see if the app they are using to educate their kids is useful, or it is just entertainment.

We hand mobile phones and tablets to our little ones when they cry event at the age of 2 to 3 months. How disturbing is this fact? What did we do when there was no internet on the phones? How did you calm our children? This thought seems out of the box now because we have shortcuts for every problem. All thanks to the internet and apps that are building every day globally.

There’s no doubt a parent also feels terrible that he’s not enough to soothe his child, but a tablet or mobile can do this in a minute. However, when a kid grows a little more, the parent understands that screen time can be positive for their child too. At this stage, the idea of educational apps pops up in their minds, and they try to make their child understand such apps so that he can use a tablet as well as educate himself at the same time.
Games such as puzzles, cross searches, counting games, and many different kinds of problem-solving games can be a mind opener for kids. It helps them to develop their mind as they learn to focus on a subject and think about it.

Some apps offer age limits too because they have games for kids of multiple ages, and such games are customized according to the kid’s mind and intellect. About 80,000 apps are available in the app store today that are entitled as educational for pre-school children and toddlers. However, it is the parent’s responsibility to see which one is educational.

Still, many pieces of research claim that children under the age of two shouldn’t be handed with gadgets as their minds at this stage are not able to decipher info from the modern digital world. Hence they should not be allowed to have any screen time until they reach an age of development.

How to choose an educational app for your child?
It is vital to keep a check on what your child sees on the phone, check if it something appropriate or not. You must know the intellect of your child and then look out for apps according to his style of learning. Children who are being born in this era are more inclined towards technology; therefore, their response and interactions with touchscreen gadgets are much more massive than any other method. Hence, it affects their learning too.

No one knows your child better than you. You know what his capabilities are. Keep observing his interactions, if he’s only a silent watcher or he likes to tap the screen. All such points matter a lot to learn about the tendencies of a kid.

Conduct research and filter the best app

Not every app available in the play store is based on science. Some of the app designers have built it with the purpose of entertainment and some for educational purposes. A team of researchers worked hard and found out that almost four primary factors are essential to decide if an app is worth a child’s access or not.

  1. Active Participation
    A child’s active participation in all the tasks given in the app is significant. He should be physically and mentally involved in it.
  2. Engagement
    A child should remain focused on the task without getting disturbed by any external factors. It would portray his interest in it.
  3. Meaningfulness
    It happens when a child begins to decipher the meaning and link it to the context of language. It develops a new understanding of his mind.
  4. Social Interaction
    An educational app must make a child social and help him to interact with people in real life.
    Once you select an app according to these four factors rather than any ads or recommendations, there is an increased chance of your child becoming intellectual. You can also check if the app that you have selected for your kid consists of a tracking section for you or not. It is a plus point it has this option because it lets you keep a check on them without them being known to this fact.

Build a friendly relationship with your child

One thing that affects a child more than anything is his relations with his parents and family. This is why it has always been recommended to provide your child with a healthy environment. When you are friends with your kids, they want to spend all their time with you. They also want you to play with them. What can be better than this?

If your child wants you to be there while playing games or watching television, it is healthy for their health and mind because they are getting the love and affection that they need from you in this manner. In this way, you can also help them when they are in the problem or advise them when you think that they are on off the track. They’ll consider your word because of the cordial relationship that you share with them.

It turns out to be healthier when you educate your child by yourself by using educational apps or books or any other thing, and it’s your support that helps them develop their cognition in a better way. Play with them and let them explore the world with their creativity because this is how they’ll educate themselves.



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