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How can parent’s limit screen time for betterment of their children?

Technology has overtaken the human interaction these days. Everyone is more engrossed in their phones rather than the people who are sitting next to them. Tech Media is killing the vibe that gathered people at a party, and now everyone wants to stay at home and socialize on the phone.

However, this culture needs to be altered. Our phones are like mini-computers that we take all around with us. Almost all our work is being done on it. From our kid’s assignment to live meetings, everything is being done on mobile phones. Therefore, it becomes essential to limit screen time. Not only adults, but kids should also use gadgets in a limit. A parent has to keep a regular check on what his child is doing and how much does he uses phones or tablet the whole day because the rays that come out from such devices are more harmful to kids.

Today, children are being exposed to these devices at an enormous ratio. If we think about our lives without these gadgets, it sounds impossible as our kids don’t eat food without watching their favourite cartoons; they don’t listen to what we have to say to them because they put a condition to use mobile-first. This is why, in today’s generation, life cannot be imagined without a mobile phone or tablet.

At times parents find two hours reasonable as screen time for their children the whole day. Although children might find it too less because they want to watch Television or cartoons on mobile at every hour of the day, they never get bored of it.

Hence, parents find it extremely important to keep a check and manage the screen time of their little one. Different ways have been invented along with various apps that help parents to perform this task.

The situation to limit screen time

People might find it to be an ordinary thought that parents want to limit screen time for their children, whereas it is an important topic. Many types of research have been conducted at this point. There’s no doubt that today several apps, movies, and games are available that are limited to specific age groups. Therefore, we know that the problem is not with the content that the children are seeing but the screen timing that is not being limited. It is exploiting them, drawing them back from their families, friends, physical games and activities, studies, and other events that take place around them. It is crucial for a child’s development and growth. If not limited, it can affect them severely.

There are some adverse effects of unlimited screen timing ranging from mental disorders to eating disorders while having issues with sleeping and personality too. A child below the age of 2, when exposed to a screen many times in a day, is unable to develop the much-needed motor skills that usually grow through physical activity.

Almost every parent today is guilty of screen time that is allowed for their children. There has always been researching to limit it in some way or the other. But the question remains, how? A study says that a cordial relationship between a parent and a child is significant. A good relation will lead to a healthy conversation, and that is when you can talk to your kid about balance. Once you start making them understand, they won’t understand your point. Hence please speak in general to convey your point.

For example, if your children are playing a football game on the computer for continuous five hours, then it is not suitable for them. It means there has been no physical movement in their bodies for the past five hours. Then where is the balance?

The following are four tested systems by parents who tried to control the screen time of their children. It helped them to set boundaries around them for their benefit.

1. Plan a schedule for your kids
When parents keep asking their children to perform different tasks after every hour, it turns out to be irritating for them also. They start feeling like puppets, whereas children also want to have authority in their lives.

Planning a schedule would make them independent because you’d only need to ask them to follow it once. Rest, they’ll be doing by themselves. Younger children can gain benefit from this method. As your child grows, he wants to do things in his way, and you might find it difficult to manipulate them. Also, by this time, there’s a lot of extracurricular work such as daily homework that has to be scheduled in a day too.

Play a game by using a timer to remind your time that the time is running, and they will soon have to switch off the TV or stop using YouTube. It helps to develop patience and control, along with other significant characteristics in their personalities.

2. Decide days for binge-watching
When your children start agreeing to what says, then it becomes necessary for you to condemn their demands. Of course, they control their urge to watch TV for endless hours for the whole week. You can at least allow them to do so once in a week, maybe on Sunday or Saturday once they are free from all the work.

If so, Sunday can be considered as a TV day, and they’ll wait for this day patiently without troubling you in the entire past week. Children must know that being exposed to screens daily is not okay for their health. This method can work well for preschoolers and younger ones.

3. Ask them to justify their use of technology
Whenever you see your child heading to use a tech device, ask them the reason for their usage. Make sure that they are not wasting their time but utilizing it by doing something important.
This method can go well with older children who have answers to your questions by using their minds.

4. Download an app for tracking
A number of screen limit apps are available in the market today for parents to keep a check on their children. Look for the best app for yourself and then finalize if you’re going to use it or not. Qustodio is an app of this kind. It is much more beneficial for children who possess their own digital devices.


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