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Kid’s screen time: It’s okay, you don’t need to burn all your gadgets

Living in a world full of technology and digital devices is not less than a challenge. Even the youngest of us are engrossed in it. Primarily they are the ones who are sitting back and using these screens for straight 6 to 7 hours, and parents do not even deny them because if they would, then the kids will cry and disturb their parents. Hence, to maintain a peaceful and calm situation, parents think that it’s alright to hand their children tablets or mobile phones for the entire day.

Mostly kids from the age of 2 to 8 are involved in this, whereas this age is for their enjoyment and physical activities that will help in the growth of their motor skills. We can see the drop in the viewership of television with the rise of the internet. People are more inclined towards tablets and phones because they have everything in it from station to educational apps to games and fun. A recent study concluded that about 75% of the children are allowed to have access to screens under the age of 8. How disturbing!

Excessive screen time can turn out to be damaging for toddlers, along with infants too. There’s no doubt in the fact that it is harmful to them. A child must, however, be kept away from the digital world and the media. It is equally detrimental for grown-ups too. Parents should see that if their children are not lying back and playing games all day because who would want their children to be obese? Not only obesity, but such children suffer other health issues cognitive and language development and ADHD too.

The care that parents used to provide to their children in past years is not found today because it requires a whole lot of time to give quality attention to your kids, and it is a test of your energy and patience too. Parents who work full-time reach home to their kids to find peace; hence they cannot afford to hear them cry for the next 2 hours for not providing phones or letting them watch their favorite cartoons.

You might think that a little screen timing may cause no harm to your kids, but you know that this period can be utilized to entertain them by playing games with them and having the heart to heart conversations with your child. It is so rare these days.  No one has got time for such stuff. It helps to increase the bonding in the relationship between a parent and a child. They become friends with each other and develop a connection like nothing else in the world.

Therefore, screen time is said to be one of the major parenting issues at this age. However, screen time is not always negative, but one should keep a check on both aspects. There are a lot of ways to limit the use of excessive screens and prevent your children from unwanted health issues. New ideas for screen time are approved not only for children but for adults of your family too.

If we remember our childhood days, we realize how difficult it was to watch a show on television. Firstly there was no extensive use of the internet plus mobile phones weren’t there at that time too. The only screen used for entertainment was a television that was for the whole family and, on the other hand, a PC for educational or business purposes. But today, about 3 to 4 screens are available in every house, and it gives children an idea to watch anything at any hour of the day. Their favorite episode is just a click away.

We do realize that our lives have become kind of digital these days. A lot of families are facing significant issues, all because of the excessive use of technology.

Along with children, parent’s use of digital media is also very excessive, and they spend their whole day work sitting at the computer screens and reach to relax in front of a TV screen. We shouldn’t forget that they have their mobile phones along with all day long. However, it can be very beneficial if there’s some limitation on the entire family’s use screens.

Parents usually use screens for video chatting to connect their kids who are under 18 months to their grandparents. They don’t think it to be harmful. However, this child grows; their parents teach them to use different programs on the phone or laptop. For example, a child, who is almost about 24 months, can play a game by himself. This activity keeps on increasing with age as the child keeps growing.

Among all these activities, the participation of parents is a chief factor. Children need assistance and guidance to interpret things that are going around them. They see the world according to their parent’s eyes, and this is how they develop an understanding of the world.

It is suggested that parents should not give electronic gadgets to their kids to get busy but solid objects from their homes to spend time. Such as if a mother is cooking, then she should hand a drawer of spoons and non-harmful objects to the kid so that he remains in front of the eyes and stays away from screens and media.

Screen time should be made a team activity such as the whole family should shut off screens with a motive to avoid physical disabilities such as obesity and excessive weight gain etc. Parents should conduct fun activities at home to keep their children busy and occupied.

All these recommendations force us to think about utilizing media in a much-decreased amount. It creates a gap between families because everyone remains busy on their separate screens. However, when the user decreases, people will start getting closer day by day, just like old times. Face to face communication will become more comfortable in this world where siblings converse with each other through texts while sitting in the same room.

It is a potent reminder for parents to focus on their kid’s well-being and keep them away from such devices. Become an example for them because kids imitate and follow their elders.

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