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Six Simple Ways To Get a Handle On Your Kid’s Screen Time

There’s no doubt that you might be tired of asking your children to watch excessive TV all the time. It gets on your nerves. How do we make these kids understand that these screens are ruining them physically and as well as mentally?

The screens of laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and television have become a part of our lives now. None of us can imagine even a few hours without it. Can you? No, right. It is now a part of the life that we are living in today. The whole world is running on it; for instance, even a child is being educated through this technology rather than verbally and physically.

As we know that there are positive and negative, both these impacts of everything present in the world, so are for screen time. It might be essential to stick to your screens for straight 6 hours, but it is damaging to your personality too. But here, we are focusing on the impact that screen time has on kids.

Children are in such a stage where they grow and enhance their skills. What they learn at this age is remembered for the rest of their lives. Hence, they need to be super active to heighten every power that is being developed. Therefore, a parent is and should be entirely responsible for manage the duties of handling a child’s screen time and limit it to such a level where it is no more harmful to him or else he’ll have to spend the rest of his life in regret.

If you think that screen time can only be limited by reducing the period of usage or access, then you’re wrong. There are ways beyond this that are being used all around the world by thousands of parents as controlling measures for their children’s betterment. In the following article, you’ll learn about everything that you must know about handling your little one’s screen time. Gain as much knowledge as you can regarding this, people’s consciousness is power, and it will help you succeed.

You’d not know if your child is using a phone or television in the middle of the night or not. If you give them access to do so, there’s no doubt that they will back out from this. Children are so much engrossed in media and technology today that they are unaware of the time and its purpose. They forget that night is to sleep and rest, and here they are busy playing games on the couch.It would be best if you weren’t waiting to catch your child red-handed but set some rules beforehand to prevent such issues. Try to make their lives easier without television and phones like it was back then.

Although, no doubt managing the screen time for your child is a tiresome task, and it becomes even more complicated when your child retaliates and doesn’t listen to what you have to say. Discussions over these issues might draw you away from them loosening your bond with them. Therefore, it is indispensable to explain to them the drawbacks of it in a very kind manner. They shouldn’t consider you as their rivals but friends.

Indeed, you cannot babysit your child to handle their screens every time, life is too difficult for everyone, and the time is running like anything. Therefore you need to manage your task, and your children should be trained in such a way that they know how to handle theirs. The thought that each moment your child is sticking to the phone screen playing a game or watching the cartoon, he’s losing a moment that is not spent playing outside with his friends.

Living in a world that is stacked with screens, kids are missing out a lot in their golden days—reading bedtime fairytales are not a thing of today anymore because they want to sleep after watching their favorite episode of cartoons. However, all this should be done in a limit where the health and other factors are not compromised. The question that remains is that should a parent handle the screen time of his child?

Following is a list of ways that helps them to cope up with this problem:

  • Make a budget for screen timing

Take innovative measures that are fun to implement and work in both your child’s and your favor. First, you need to decide some hours of screen time for your child, for example, 40 minutes for tablet and half an hour for television in a day, and then it doesn’t leave an adverse impact on their health.

If your child doesn’t utilize these hours, they can cash them. For instance, you can pay them for the time they weren’t on the screens. It gives them a sense of challenge to develop control and patience.

  • Avoid Screens

If you manage without screens in today’s era, try to cut it from your life. How better it would be that your child never comes in contact with it. No screens, no patrolling.

  • Discuss with kids

When you feel that your kid is going out of hands, try to have a healthy discussion about it with them. Ask them what could be the best time for the screen limit according to them, and you can always negotiate on that. 

  • Apply some major rules

Once you finalize some rules in your house, there would be no going back. Of course, the children will feel pressured, but they won’t go against it. If you cannot make them avoid screens, set a reduced time for using filters.

  • Get them involved in other tasks

You can also get them involved in jobs such as cooking or anything that you’re doing without them knowing the fact that you are doing it purposely to keep them away from screens. It would also help you to spend more with them, and they will become active again.

  • Do not expose them to screens in the first place

It all depends on you. If you don’t use filters to soothe and calm your kids, they’d never come running for it. Try to keep them away from the digital world as much as you can.

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