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Open House on the 24th, - 12 mid day to 5 pm.

About Chuchu Games

At ChuChu Games Studio, we create games that appreciate childhood and help kids discover the world while playing what they love!

ChuChu games are a great tool for your kid to master fine motor skills, learn to read, write and count enjoying the exciting gameplay. As our games are full of fun, they will keep your kid engaged and motivated to explore and learn.

ChuChu Games Studios is founded by a team of passionate developers, parents, artists, and engineers. We develop and publish our games to be fun, engaging and educational with the most entertaining and educational experience for kids and families. Our apps create meaningful digital experiences beloved and respected by kids, parents, and educators. We believe that children can learn best through play and that colorful and immersive experiences encourage kids’ imaginations. With our apps, parents can share fun experiences with their children, and also have the peace of mind of knowing that the play experience is designed by quality developers and early childhood experts.


There are so many new games for kids.


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